We didn’t know we would have a G/E last year, until the last minute.
We didn’t know Boris would stand as PM.
We didn’t know Boris would win the election, 11 months ago
We didn’t know covid would take over our lives
My question is how on earth can Boris be in league with NWO
🎾 He has pulled out of huawei
🎾 He has authorised a full investigation into finding out the source of covid
🎾 We are with USA, CAN, NZ,AUS, UK (5eyes)
🎾 He has spoken out about human rights in China
🎾 He has introduced the same treatment Trump has used to beat covid here
🎾 Joining the UN is seen as the gold standard for any country claiming to be a sovereign country
🎾 He is getting brexit done
🎾 He loves his country

These are not actions of a PM that is involved with NWO great reset etc. This is a PM who is almost on the same page as Trump.
We are being attacked from all sides. It’s really quite shocking to me that at a time, when our country needs to come together the most, it is being ripped apart.
We all knew this limbo period would be difficult and it is worse than I’d imagined. 2021 can’t come quicker. 😩
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