Recent #nffc managers as the wonderful Nottingham city centre bars. A thread.
Steve Mclaren- Slug and lettuce

Known country wide, pretends to be upmarket. But actually its fucking shit, only go in when its raining. Worse than spoons.
Steve cotterill- Yates

No one's first choice, reluctant to go in as it makes no logical sense. But when you do, its underrated and a solid night out. Bit of a laugh. Maybe not such a good idea to leave
SOD- Vodka Revolution

Doesn't sound like a good idea at the start. When you arrive its brilliant. Having a great time pulling all the birds. The mrs phones, orders you to leave. Gone at the drop of a hat. The dream is over.
Alex mcleish- Drinking in a park.

No one wants to admit it happened. But we've all done it. Still crying over your last relationship and the rebound only made things worse
Billy Davies (2)- Alto

Excited to go there at first. Soon realise its pretentious. Got a chip on its shoulder cos it wants to be better than everyone else. Small man syndrome. You’ll spend a load of money. Go into the overdraft. Get ready for the loan repayments.
Gary Brazil- Bierkeller

Never had a bad night in here. You keep going back. Especially when all else fails. Elite Nottingham bar. The youngsters love it.
Stuart Pearce- Pit and pendulum

Ultimate rock and roll. Everyones buzzing to go back to their youth, this blinds your judgment. This quickly wears off and you have to leave for elsewhere.
Dougie Freedman- Rileys

Looks shit from the outside. But if we’re all being honest we all love it. Never lets you down and always does a great job especially when they’re low on funds. If they ever did it up, the experience wouldn’t be as good.
Paul Williams- Spoons

Bargain basement, only go there when you’re skint and all other options are out the window.
Phillipe Montanier- Copper

Looks good from the outside, lots of flair and class. Soon realise its not worth the money. You never stay long.
Mark Warburton- The Langtrys

Looks good before you go in, but in reality you don't want to stay. Refuses to change, no plan B. This stops you wanting to go back, it’s made too many avoidable mistakes, needs to do the basics first.
Aitor Karanka- South Bank

Popular, always busy. A fan favourite. When you’re in, you don't want to leave, however when the music stops it goes a bit flat. But if we're honest its not as good as Bierkeller
Simon Ireland- Cross Keys

You go in once, but fucking hell you'll never go in again.
Martin O’Neill- The Bank

Been there for 50 years, ya da loves it. Absolutely terrible inside. Anyone born after 1960 won’t be seen dead in there. The regulars will talk endlessly about their glory years. But if we're all being honest it just had to go.
Sabri- Rev de Cuba

Everyone having the time of their lives for the first couple hours. Pull a stunner with your samba on point. Then another bloke takes your girl away, the shit RnB comes on and it goes downhill, you just have to move on. You never forget the good times though
Chris Hughton - The Alchemist

You've never been in. Heard good things about it, should guarantee a good night. But you’re worried getting your hopes up and trying it. You've been here before.
Here are some other non-managerial mentions.


Dark inside, no idea who you’re talking to. Anything could be happening, illegal or not.
Fawaz Al-Hasawi- Rock City

Lots of money behind it, lots of hype, brings the big names. Poorly managed, toilet floors full of piss. The dodgy air con doesn’t get rid of the foul stench. Cant wait for it to be over
Neil Warnock- Roxy’s

Absolute guarantee of a good night. But every time you try and go in it's too busy. Try again next time.
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