One can be admitted into an honour's (master's too) degree without a bachelor's degree.
Whatever one might think of the MEC, the suggestion that being admitted into an honour's degree without a first degree is scandalous in itself is absurd.
Basic research would have helped.
For older people (referred to as mature for purposes of administration) seeking a formal tertiary education, the barriers to entry are lower.

The person temping as leader of the DA, for example, could register for a Bachelor's if they so wished despite not having matriculated.🙂
The broader question, here, which was not explored in this piece & generally ignored in public discourse, is why particular people nearing retirement genuinely feel the need to hold a degree (any degree) as endorsement of their knowledge & skills after having worked for decades…
[Since people generally struggle with comprehension, for the avoidance of any doubt, I don't rate that MEC one bit.
Doesn't change my view on whether a 55*-year-old can be admitted into an honour's degree without a bachelor's degree though ✌🏾]
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