Racism is rooted in anti-Blackness.
Anti-anti-Blackness = Pro Blackness.

There's no way around it. https://twitter.com/RivetedSquirrel/status/1315138952752500736
To wit.

If you are an arsonist and set a house on fire, eventually ceasing to pour gasoline on it doesn't make a difference anymore.

The fire is already at full rage and consuming everything in its path.

Nothing will stop the fire except actively fighting it.
What you call "passive racism" is the raging fire.

What you call "active racism" is the gasoline pouring.

It's WAY too late to just stop pouring gas.
To take a "neutral" stance with regard to racism is to stand aside and watch the structure burn.

The idea that if everyone just stood around watching it burn, that would be better than pouring gas on it is nonsensical.

It's still on fire and will still be destroyed.
If the structure is important, it's not even enough to just put the fire out.

Putting the fire out is anti-fire (anti-racism).

But then you're just left with a fire damaged structure.

You have to rebuild what was damaged.

Then and ONLY then is restitution made.
If the only reason the arsonist put out the fire was because they were afraid it might burn their house, and not because they cared for the well being of their neighbors, you can expect that putting the fire out is the end of the story for them.

Rebuilding isn't the goal.
So... To recap we have the following stances regarding racism:

1) Pro-racism - Fire setting
2) Casual racism - Assistance
3) "Neutral" racism - Complicity
4) Anti-racism - Firefighting
5) Pro-Blackness - Rebuilding
If rebuilding isn't part of your plan then your concern isn't actually for the well-being of Black people.

It's for yourself.

It's a refusal to acknowledge the magnitude of damage done and one's obligations to the harmed.

And that friends... Is still racism.
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