Amazing job, @realDonaldTrump.

Now we have the Democrats criticizing a peace deal with the Taliban.

They're all in for endless war, just like you said.

Because morality, or something.
Nobody knows how anything works.

@JoeNBC thinks that the United States has the only armed forces in the world.

I'll tell everyone something Joe doesn't know.

Guess which country has embarked on one of the most dramatic military buildups in modern history?
Guess who will take over in Afghanistan?

Do you think the German Panzergrenadiers (motorized infantry) just MIGHT be capable of doing the work Americans did?
This is the first time ISRAELIS have trained Germans in GERMANY.


The Germans have been quietly training in Israel for five years.
The Israelis are also training German armored units in urban warfare in Israel.

There's no doubt whatsoever that India will also play a role.

Democrats hate Trump so much that they want to send YOUR CHILDREN, HUSBANDS, WIVES, FATHERS, AND MOTHERS overseas just to "get" Trump.
The American fighting man and woman becomes another political pawn.

Their lives don't matter.

Did you ever think you'd see the day when one of the two major political parties embraced crime and war just because their opponent rejects them?
Look how stupid and crazy Ben Rhodes @brhodes is.
"Analysts said the new missile is not known to have been tested."

It's also a liquid-fueled missile.

Why is that important?
"Solid-fueled missiles offer an advantage over liquid-fueled ones in that they can move without fuel trucks accompanying them. This means they can be launched more quickly and hidden more easily from spy satellites."
Democrats are now totally insane.

The North Koreans are now using PROPS, and that's somehow worse than the real thing!

And the Taliban wants to continue the peace talks, and THAT'S worse than war!
You know what the Democrats want?

Rhetoric and decorum.

That's it.

No action whatsoever.

No improvement.

Do you knowhow shocking it is for North Korea to express concern for Trump's health?

Ditto the Taliban?

As I've always told you, East andCentral Asians value FACE above all else.

If you allow even the Taliban to bank face, they become more cooperative.

Same with North Korea.

Do Democrats want total war again?
Guess what the tactic was?

Drop high explosives to blow the roofs off structures, and then drop incendiary bombs to set the contents--people and their belongings--on fire.

Wait an hour.

Then go back and drop high explosives to kill the first responders.

The firefighters.
Is that what the Democrats want?

Or do the Democrats just want our troops to stay there and fight for the next 100 years?
"Shake and bake."

High explosive (olive green) and white phosphorus (pale green).

The Taliban are being burned out of their cover and then torn to pieces.

War, you stupid Democrat bastards.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Blessed is Donald J. Trump.

I'm a military buff. I collect postcards of World War One.

And I hate war.

That's why I study it.

I can come to only one conclusion about Democrats:

Well, we're reelecting Trump by a landslide.

So no more wars for you.

Too bad, so sad.

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