Election Day is just 24 days away, so I wanted to share 2 sets of photos to consider—& reflect on—when deciding who to vote for:

1—WH CoS @MarkMeadows daughter’s wedding, 05/31
2—Amy Coney Barrett WH reception, 09/26
3—Donald Trump Jr event in FL, 10/08
4—Trump’s WH event, TODAY
Juxtapose those photos—where basic mask & social distancing precautions are just ignored—to these:

1—ICU patient w/ #COVID19 talks w/family via FaceTime
2—Wedding at St. Ignatius Church in SF
3—High school graduation parade
4—Jill Biden reminding @JoeBiden to keep proper distance
None of us enjoy this #COVID19 reality.

But we make small sacrifices—b/c that’s what this moment requires of us. To protect one another.

So, in 24 days let’s make this just a bit easier — let’s elect leaders who live in *this* shared reality of ours.
🗳🇺🇸 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
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