I'm listening to an interview with a researcher who did the largest study we have on COVID and contract tracing (based on two provinces in India), and researchers found:

71% of people with COVID didn't infect anyone.

8% of people infected 60% of all cases.
1/10 chance of getting COVID from someone in your household

1/40 chance of getting COVID from someone who is infected in the community.

If you travel with someone who was infected, and you were traveling for 6 hr or more, and you sat within three rows of them, 79% you'd get it.
Children weren't in school during the period covering this study (surprising to hear as the article announcing their results has been widespread used to say keep schools closed).

They found that kids can be efficient transmitters. No stats mentioned here though.
The way that the 8% of spreaders are mitigated is *key* in fighting COVID. Why isn't it taking a larger part in the public debate right now?

This information is from here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3cszh0y
India doesn't have provinces! States. In Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
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