Here’s video from Tig Tiegen’s @johntiegen Instagram right before Denver shooting. Patriots leaving after peaceful rally. Antifa/BLM had thrown soup cans (supposedly collected for homeless)at cops before shots fired. I’m hearing victim - patriot rallygoer- was shot point blank.
Screenshots showing one shooter (sources telling me there were two) as cops surrounded him. Am told another involved person ran from scene.

Am also told victim's friend/witness says he was shot point blank in in the eye. Face/chest covered in blood. #DenverShooting
Denver police now reporting that the shooting investigation is a HOMICIDE investigation...meaning the victim has passed away. PRAY!
Video shows the guy in the blue shirt (to the right of the shooter) filming the scene as the shooter drops his gun on the ground. Blue Shirt Guy likely swept into the arrest chaos.
Here's the BLM instigator allowed to harass the patriots trying to defuse and defend themselves, before a shooter (off-screen) guns down the victim.
Moment shooter gunned down patriot rallygoer point blank:
The BLM antagonizer who was harassing @johntiegen 's rallygoers in his livestream that I posted at the top of this thread before they crossed the street was the SAME guy provoking rallygoers seconds before shooter guns down victim. Compare:
My friend @RANDALLONRADIO was just 10 yards away from shooting!
In other words: It was just an "idea" that shot and killed the patriot rallygoer.
They're not done yet in Denver.

cc @DenverPolice
Well, are @9news and @kyleclark going to ANSWER the questions...or whitewash?
For those of you outside Colorado, @kyleclark is the local left-wing Jim Acosta/Keith Olbermann wannabe. He MOCKED #backtheblue victims of assaults/violence by BLM/Antifa while @denverpolice stood down.
Well now. @kyleclark at @9news has Antifa fans who will protect him.
For those of you who haven't been paying attention to #anarchotyranny in Denver & mob-enabling city, media & @denverpolice elites, THIS thread is so important in understanding how yesterday's political assassination of Lee Keltner happened ==>
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