good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Laura Tingle of the ABC, Guardian politics editor Katharine Murphy and ninefax Canberra economics correspondent Shane Wright.
as ever, Speers opens with the Morrison government perspective. He asks if “betting everything on a business-led recovery” will work? The answer is no. #Insiders
Speers then pretends that the government has shifted from income support to incentivising business. In fact, the government has “shifted” from a rorted wages subsidy to an equally rortable wages subsidy. Both are paid to business, not workers. #Insiders
the obligatory bothsides line is that Labor has backed the budget but says more is needed, especially for women. The montage opens with a clip of Frydenberg announcing the humungous deficit. #Insiders
#WhatThePapersSay is a report on the absence of a plan for the next wave of aged care. Speers also has some survey results which show the usual upshot of endless Liberal Party economic management lies broadcast by major media #Insiders
straight to the interview with Frydenberg. Transition infrastructure incentivise catalyst kitchen table factory floor farm shopfront billion squillion says Josh. #Insiders
as usual with Liberal Party politicians, Frydenberg then tells Speers some lies about Labor ideology, which Speers lets through to the keeper #Insiders
lmao jobkeeper is part of a complex ecosystem, says Frydenberg. Are you worried done businesses will fold when jobkeeper ends? asks Speers. Frydenberg refuses to give a straight answer. #Insiders
asked about “jobseeker after Christmas”, Frydenberg says it is still a flawed labour market dynamic whatever that means. Surely the sacred market is not to blame lol then he blame-shifts to “restrictions”, meaning Victoria Speers insists on clarification for this one. #Insiders
restrictions is not just about Victoria, Frydenberg clarifies. He must mean state borders then. Speers highlights the numbers of WOMEN on jobseeker, “many of them over the age of 35”. Frydenberg runs the same line about women can get whatever men can. #Insiders
women are apprentices too, David, says Frydenberg. Speers points to the support for male dominated industries. Those are “formerly male dominated industries”, lies Frydenberg. He points to the Womens Economic Secure Statement, stumbling over its actual name. #Insiders
ahaha Frydenberg is very shitty that Speers has done his homework on the lies Josh told to the parliament about who would benefit most from the tax cuts for the wealthy. #Insiders
do you remain committed to the third stage of tax cuts?
Absolutely, says Frydenberg.
Remind us what they will cost? asks Speers.
oh just $128 billion dollars. Speers repeats this massive permanent drop in revenue and gets Frydenberg to repeat it too. #Insiders
to his credit, Speers highlights the tax policy gives permanent tax cuts to the wealthy unlike temporary relief for low income workers. He also asks why the refugee intake has been lowered. Frydenberg uses the “not lower or is higher than some other year” technique. #Insiders
off to the panel. We start with Tingle, who distinguishes the position of SMEs who have been borrowing to stay afloat, which is unsustainable. She is unenamoured of claimed incentivisation. #Insiders
Wright reiterates the impact on SMEs and points to the fact that population growth is economic growth (or as Koukalous has been saying for years, we were in a per capita recession long before the pandemic). #Insiders
Wright also points to long term policy requirements around population, but long term thinking is of no use while the Liberals are in power. They do not do it.
wow Speers is onto the fact that “confidence” is splashed around ignorantly as an economic variable, made to mean whatever Humpty Morrison and Dumpty Frydenberg want it to mean. Murphy says she would like some confidence fairy dust too. #Insiders
Murphy also says that outsourcing recovery is what center right (sic) governments do, they “give money to people and hope they spend it”.
1/ they are giving money to business;
2/ Speers already cited a Grattan survey that found people say they will save, not spend.
the misogyny issue, which everybody calls “women”. Tingle agrees that public money is being directed to male-dominated industries. Speers suggests looking at by-sector analysis instead of a “gender lens”. Wright rejects the possibility of this. #Insiders
oh I forgot to mention that the misogyny issue was bookended with a clip of Morrison making ludicrous claims about women who run businesses, drive on roads etc. The here is something Wright prepared earlier: services sector - lots of women - drives the economy #Insiders
there is a lot more from Wright on this, citing women economists, who are experts and mothers in the paid workforce, I couldn’t get it all down but Wright is right #Insiders
in contrast, Murphy repeats her “outsourcing the recovery” line and says directing public policy to the caring sector would look different but that’s not want the government chose to do. She prefers not to frame childcare as a womens issue #Insiders
clip of the Albanese budget reply speech. Tingle says he is still telling his log cabin story. She also focuses on renewables, which is quite obviously where the big spending fiscal policy should be, but here we are. #Insiders
Murphy says Albanese is right to frame childcare as a labour market participation issue. More women investing, spending, is a good thing, she says. It is a no-brainer. She also reminds everyone it was a very low growth economy before the pandemic👏🏼👏🏼 #Insiders
back to the future third round of tax cuts and cost of this ridiculous cut to revenue. Speers says it “gives Labor a fair bit to play with” which is pretty unhelpful horserace nonsense. I mean we have to pay for it. Wright is very skeptical. Against, even. #Insiders
clip of Berejiklian politicking on the Queensland state election, where her boss - who refuses to work on weekends but is always available to campaign - is campaigning. Tingle wants to know what happened to hotspots? #Insiders
Murphy makes some absolutely CRUCIAL points here: says the Premiers have learned, from the way Morrison has rounded on Daniel Andrews, that the Commonwealth does NOT “have their backs” if they nominate hotspots and an outbreak follows. #Insiders
and adds that what we need is leadership “from these people” who should be sitting at the table making decisions in the public interest which yeah that would be nice and also will never happen with Morrison at the helm. #Insiders
the now in/famous clip of Jacqui Lambie on not stopping poor people from going to uni. Tingle says she has really mastered the role of sitting on the cross bench which she has but more time on the actual uni bill and the Centrist Alliance needed here. #Insiders
clip of Cormann speaking the whitest language other than English. His exit has been brought forward, ostensibly to nominate him to the OECD, but just as likely to bring forward the re-shuffle given Morrison only does anything according to his own political logics. #Insiders
it took until #TalkingPictures - and the last pic - to show Lidia Thorpe entering the Senate with Black Power salute and bearing by message stick the message about 431 First Nations people killed by the carceral system since the RC into Aboriginal deaths in custody. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Katharine Murphy saying that #JobChurner is a disincentive to employ people over 35 and the many appalling implications that follow. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Shane Wright firstly correcting himself that Lynda Reynolds was not the first woman defence minister, that was Marise Payne [which was also “announced with great fanfare” but by Turnbull. Liberal males love leveraging women for political optics] #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2(2) is Shane Wright on the inter generational report due next year. He reminds us that in 2015 the Abbott government doctored the figures to make the outlook rosier by including Labor policies that they, the Abbott government, had abolished. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2(3) Wright says the 40-year outlook will be “a sea of red” by which he means a colossal mountain of debt Morrison is racking up to leave our kids along with an uninhabitable world [paraphrased]. Hmm says Speers, “we’re getting used to that I guess”. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Laura Tingle highlighting upcoming Anti-Poverty week. She says there are 2.3 million people receiving the coronavirus supplement (an actual stimulus, unlike tax cuts, attached to the JSP) including 1.1 MILLION CHILDREN. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3(2) Tingle ~con~ there is still no news on whether the government will change its policy of cutting the coronavirus supplement. A large sector of the population “will be put” [BY THE MORRISON GOVERNMENT] “in a really bad situation”, she says. #Insiders
we will keep asking about that, says Speers, of the Morrison government policy to return unemployed people on JSP to the base $40/day rate. #Insiders
we go out with a clip of Mathias Cormann aka the Cormannator telling the Senate he won’t be back. Cue conservatives to laugh like a drain. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
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