Just one thing: I think something that gets lost in online art communities, is how many different ways an artist can be valuable and contribute in huge ways. It’s not all about drawing skill or lavish paintings. So much of what makes an animation artist (1/4)
Invaluable are things that can never show up in a portfolio or on insta. Intelligence, insight, background, ability to synthesize analogy, understanding of the actual needs of an assignment, understanding and literacy in the medium.(2/4)
Being an amazing production artist or story artist CAN be related to drawing acumen, or craft. But often it’s about working with teams, understanding the task. Sometimes a rough sketch that looks like a child made it is more effective than 10 full scale paintings. (3/4)
I say this only to acknowledge that working artists have a wide range of talents and contribute in different ways than an Instagram account can describe. So please be kind, and thoughtful when engaging with other artists about their work. (4/4)
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