On #WorldMentalHealthDay I share this to emphasize the importance of #MentalHealth :

This week, I went to the cemetery to visit my husband #DaveBatters' gravesite. (Dave died by suicide in 2009.)
It felt peaceful and healing, as always.

#WMHD2020 1/4
During #Covid19, I've never felt so acutely aware of being without Dave. I know that Dave would have made life during Covid lots more fun. (All who knew Dave will understand this.)

We lost an excellent man to #MentalIllness -- and its worst-case scenario, suicide.

#WMHD2020 2/4
I don't want anyone else to be without the Dave in their life.

I know many struggling with mental illness feel they are a huge burden to everyone - and that their loved ones would be better off without them.

That is why so many of them resort to this final choice.
#WMHD2020 3/4
They need to know their family & friends want to help.
We don’t consider them a burden. For those of us now without those loved ones in our lives, we'd do anything to have them back with us.

Please reach out to those struggling.
It will mean the world to them.

#WMHD2020 4/4
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