BTW on that SDNY / Pardon story. I told you before, it is 100% certain that Trump is being asked by REPUBLICANS to step down, to resign, to hand over the Presidency to Pence. Note, these GOP know they'd still lose with Pence on top, but Trump damage would stop...

But as I said..
But as I said, only Trump knows the full extent of all of his crimes. Nobody 'sane' who comes to suggest any transition to Pence including pardons, knows what all crimes await Trump in New York State.

And that is NOT SDNY. SDNY is FEDERAL crimes, prosecuted via NY federal office
As we know, Mueller farmed out about a dozen lawsuits. They are all CRIMES (or series of crimes). Most but not necessarily all, involve Trump. We KNOW there are several STATE TAX laws including New York, Illinois, California & Florida. Pence CANNOT pardon those (and are not SDNY)
A fair guess is that at least one of the crimes apart from tax crimes, involves Trump sex crimes (remember over 20 women have accused Trump) with tapes & evidence from Michael Cohen's office, and MC has fully cooperated with Feds, ie it is SEPARATE class of STATE crimes for Trump
It is pretty fair guess that Trump also has a series of other crimes, and that any of those already farmed out by Mueller, will uncover MORE crimes locally, related to those that are started. For example.. witness intimidation (a Michael Cohen staple). State crimes again.. etc
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