thread of some gorgeous plus size alt ppl !!!!! (safe /srs)
if anyone has links to the profiles of these ppl or wants me to take them down pls tell me !!
here’s two of the ppl featured !
this person seems to be liam o’hara (@/ohellohara ?)
this model seems to be blacmagic_woman on ig
from what i can find this persons name is toya tenice !
this is hantisedeloubli on ig !!!
i’d also like to say it’s really something to be said about alt and the body positivity movement that i haven’t been able to find any plus alt masc while searching. i’m gonna try and find some to add and i’m sure i will, but can we please have a world where i can just google it.
koichimynichi on ig !
cutthroatpete on ig
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