Name your price pet portraits! Only taking on 10 from Twitter today.
1. Send a DM
2. I'll give you info to pay me.
3. send screenshot of your payment, pics of pet(s), description

These are sketchy and lose. Be fair! Someone who can pay more offsets someone who can afford less 💕
You can get more than one pet in your slot but please pay for each pet!

I'll be posting final art in this thread today! If I don't finish today everything will be done within a week.
All animals fine! Cats, dogs, birds. Simple markings can look nicer, but all okay!
My non kitty examples!
FULL! Thank you! I'll be taking a handful on my public Facebook (KikiDoodle and Purrmaids) and my Instagram at 11 and 1ish.
This cat is a VERY GOOD BOAT!
Thank you @Krookaburra as a gift for @breadedonion
Diesel belongs to @Nikki_The_Lion and was found at a gas station.
Still a few slots left on my public Facebook page
And I'll be taking on on 10 slots at 1PM on Instagram: 
Oops technical difficulties. I'll continue to post art in this thread but of course Photoshop decided to be a turd to me RIGHT NOW. 😅
Photoshop chose a GREAT TIME to 100% break, but we fixed it.

Anyway, Quaz belongs to @grave_weaver and is a gift from @asunnydisposish
Luna belongs to @twinsunsfour and has a very sweet face
Would you believe me if I told you it's been YEARS (est) since @sackobooks remembered to feed Lux?
Raishan belongs to @OhhMyGatos_ and is quite sleepy
Luke would like to tell @minrafn that he isn't broken, that's just how he is.
Monkey is a very large, but not bright, cat who belongs to @CleverBaggins
Wolf has a very posh look to him, and belongs to @lightray
Intermission sketch. Pandora asked for a brushing and then exploded in fur on me.
This stunning model belongs to @deervvitch
I can't believe I forgot to add in his pizza!!!
Hrafn belongs to @InkDogArt and has a good SNOOT
Olive belongs to @haxromana and prefers to wear a shirt instead of a cone of shame.
Lesh likes to stare at people and JUDGE them!
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