#WIMStrongerTogether @WIMSummit so excited for this talk—I always learn something new when I hear @LaurieBaedke talk!
#WIMStrongerTogether @WIMSummit risk is inherent—and necessary

“A ship is safe in harbor but that’s not what ships are for”
#WIMStrongerTogether @WIMSummit @LaurieBaedke

Research confirms there are gender based differences in risk taking, when then potentially leads to inequity in leadership opportunities

This is influenced by societal forces and upstream gender-based norms/ expectations
#WIMStrongerTogether @WIMSummit @LaurieBaedke

Holy moly that’s a jaw dropping slide!
#WIMStrongerTogether @WIMSummit

In trying to balance risk v reward :

✅Don’t catastrophize or over generalize risk
✅Avoid Negativity bias
#WIMStrongerTogether @WIMSummit @LaurieBaedke

reasons why mentorship is important, but mentorship also needs to be balanced with sponsorship...
#WIMStrongerTogether @WIMSummit @LaurieBaedke

...women are over-mentored and under-sponsored

Sponsorship is critical for our performance in “strength” roles and growth
#WIMStrongerTogether @WIMSummit @LaurieBaedke

Building a network OUTSIDE your department, institution, specialty, and professional society home is a risk mitigation tool

I keep thinking how #SoMe #hcsm #medtwitter has helped us build & expand our networks!
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