#OpenAccess #PeerRevie #TrustInPeerReview #Quality Authors of this paper submitted a bait-manuscript to 104 academic economic journals to test whether there is a difference in the peer-review process between Open Access- and Subscription-based journals.
#OpenAccess #PeerRevie #TrustInPeerReview #Quality
The submitted bait-article was based on completely made-up data, with evident errors in terms of methodology, literature, reporting of results, and quality of language.

#OpenAccess #PeerRevie #TrustInPeerReview #quality
About half of the OA journals fell in the trap! Their editors accepted the article in the journals and required to pay the publication fee. No subscription-based jnl accepted their bait-manuscript.
#OpenAccess #PeerRevie #TrustInPeerReview #quality
authors clearly list the limitations of their study and list three potential drawbacks: (1) the experimental design is not based on a random sampling method. (2) The effective sample size is limited (73 or 30 observations).
(3) If from a theoretical viewpoint the evidence that no control group journal has accepted the bait manuscript intuitively supports the key hypothesis of this research, from a statistical viewpoint, it generates a problem of perfect prediction in the outcome model.
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