Christians often say they 'civilized' the world. Who civilized Christianity? Greece and Rome. Polytheistic Pagan cultures. What did Christians do in turn? Appropriated their entire civilization & made a mockery of their Gods.

"Judeo-Christian Civilization" haha okay..
It is funny when I see Christians use polytheistic societies like Greece Rome or Egypt as an "aesthetic" while they appropriate their stories and histories. It is funny when Americans call themselves "senators" and sit in a "senate" but are 'E Pluribus Unum' or "Christian Nation"
Appropriated polytheists as their own, then turned around and called them pagans, heathens or savages. Western Civilization is not built on "Judeo-Christian" morality. It's built on Greece and Rome.

Greece and Rome were not Christian. Their history was stolen.
A lot of them plan to do the same with Indian Civilization, which is a bulwark against all the monotheists and semites. They learn Sanskrit for 'aesthetics', strip-away religion from poetry or scripture & demystify ala 'rationalize' our society on a Judeo-Christian praxis

They creep in slowly, subsersively. They start feeding us Christian dialectics everywhere. Slowly, Hindus themselves start thinking they're monotheists, or have 1 god, or don't worship idols or aren't "dirty savages" or don't do "sacrifices"
The biggest irony of this all; do you wonder why the Renaissance was built around a return to "Pagan values" or "Pagan art" . Do you wonder why the US Space programm is called Apollo (Greek God of Sun) ? Wonder why westerners still read the Illiad or Odyssey or Aeneid?
Do you know why they love this "Aesthetic" ? Because it's primal condition of humanity. These values are universal. Monotheism is not. Looking up at the stars and sky and finding divinity in it is universal. Worshipping Idols and Images is natural. The opposite is a disease.
I don't need "proof" to look up at the Sky or the Sun or hear the thunder and hear the quackling of Lord Indra or see the dazzling dawn of Surya. I don't need a "book" to look at the night and see the Goddess Raatri as she fuses into her sister, Usha, the Dawn.

Read this.
Relevant reading. As early as 408 CE, the newly christianized romans wanted to return to pagan sacrifices and worship to save the city from the visigoths attacking rome.
I have never ever seen a normal Hindu concerned about what a Hindu of another sect worships. what their relationship with god is. It is very natural for us to be comfortable in our skin, this is because we aren't affected by the disease.
How many of you know what "stoicism" is? Marcus Aurelius? Meditations? Christians today use his teachings for a "self-improvement philosophy" after stripping the very religious tone inbuilt in it

“I know the gods exist...—from having felt their power, over and over” (12.28).”
European YouTubers market his philosophy as some devoid of religion stoic life for hard men. The Truth? There was NO life in Ancient Rome without THE Gods . Gods in plural. Keep it in mind

Does this sound like a philosophy that didn't have the existence of divinity at itw core?
“And if they don’t exist, or don’t care what happens to us, what would be the point of living in a world without Gods or Providence? But they do exist, they do care what happens to us, & everything a person needs to avoid real harm they have placed within him”

- Marcus Aurelius
If you are curious of Greco-Indian interactions on philosophy, there is a very specific incident. It shows the openness of the Greeks to learn from our Indian sages.

Alexander of Macedon's entourage met Brahmins in Taxila who educated them on the doctrine of the soul..continued
Alexander met Indian Philosophers, who showed no interest in him. They said life is transient, temporary, humans will come and die. Alexander was impressed and wanted them to come to Greece with him; Their reply was as follow–
[7.2.3] "If you, my lord," he is said to have replied, "are the son of god, why - so am I. I want nothing from you, for what I have suffices. I perceive, moreover, that the men you lead get no good from their world-wide wandering over land and sea,& that of their many travels...+
...there will be no end. I desire nothing that you can give me; I fear no exclusion from any blessings which may perhaps be yours.

India, with the fruits of her soil in due season, is enough for me while I live; when I die, I shall be rid of my poor body - my unseemly housemate.
As we can see, quite an open dialogue on philosophy even in times of war. Some of the Greeks wondered whether this philosophy of the Indians was taught in Greece. Onesikritos answered that Pythagoras taught a like doctrine, that Socrates & Diogenes, held the same views.
Quintus Curtius (1st century CE) said when Alexander the Great confronted Porus, Porus's soldiers were carrying an image of of Hercules (Krishna) in their vanguard.

The Greeks identified Krishna with Hercules. Common to find divinity everywhere in polytheists.
Kushans, Scythians, Huns Greeks; all of these came to India and eventually assimialted to varying degrees. Some became staunch shaivites or vaishnavaites (like the huns of mihirkula and the western satraps), others practiced syncretism.
Do you know the famous "Hippocratic Oath" It is an ancient greek oath that begins by invoking Apollo, Asclepius & all the Gods & Goddesses. Making them witnesses of the covenant. Christians and Muslims took the oath, copied it and cut out ALL mention of "gods, goddesses"
Ancient Indians had a similar oath, Charaka Oath of Initiation of Physicians (7th century BCE). Not only we forgot our own oath, but we chant an appropriated Greek oath suited for monotheistic tendencies without even knowing it. Total whitewash!
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