Mike Pence is the 48th Vice President, the 2nd highest office in the U.S. executive branch. He’s also the Senate president, with the authority to cast the tie-breaking vote. That’s what made his response to a vital question during this week’s debate so feckless. #velshi
Just before the debate ended, the moderator reminded Pence that Trump has, several times, refused to commit himself to a peaceful transfer of power after the election. She asked, if Joe Biden won the election and Trump refused to leave office, what would he do as VP? #velshi
In his roughly 2-min. answer, Pence talked about Hillary Clinton, spying, the Mueller report, Trump’s impeachment, mail-in voting & the FBI. One of the only thing Pence didn’t mention was what he would do if Trump refused to accept a peaceful transfer of power. #velshi
Here's the thing: Mike Pence isn’t about to tell Trump anything he doesn’t want to hear. It’s the basic rule of survival in the Trump orbit. But back in 2016, that is exactly what Pence told “60 Minutes” he WOULD do. #velshi
Pence said in 2016, “I promise you that when the circumstances arise where I have a difference on policy or on presentation…I would have no hesitation, were I privileged to be vice president, to walk into the president's office, close the door, and share my heart.” #velshi
What’s in your heart, Mike Pence, about that basic tenet of democracy: a peaceful transfer of power and departure from office at the end of your term? It’s a simple question, but one on which the success of a democracy hinges. What door is Pence leaving open and why? #velshi
This hypothetical question is relevant because Mike Pence’s boss, Donald Trump, made it relevant. And to be clear, when Joe Biden was asked in the Presidential debate if he would accept results of the election, he said, “Yes.” #velshi
This is Democracy 101: Anyone who won’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power doesn’t deserve your vote. #velshi
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