Following the signing ceremony of #Sudan’s ‘comprehensive’ peace deal, this thread summarises key information, including the:

•Risks posed to #SudanUprising
•Proposed solutions

Our full report on the Juba peace deal👉:
This thread answers key questions about the Juba peace deal.

But first, here is a brief summary of the key developments ahead of the signing ceremony:

To read the full report:
1. What does the Juba peace deal entail?

For more details on what has been agreed and which rebel groups have signed the deal, the full report can be found here:
2. Which two major rebel groups have rejected the deal?

For more information on the respective motivations of the secular SPLM-N and SLM-AW groups, and the engagements they have subsequently had with the government, please read the report:
3. Who else opposes the Juba peace deal?

For more information on sentiments towards the deal in the West and East of Sudan - which are growing increasingly unstable - please read the full report:
4. What are the key challenges facing the Juba peace deal?

To read the insights in the infographic in more detail, the full report can be found here:
5. What risks does the Juba peace deal face?

The deal is argued to threaten the democracy that #SudanUprising seeks. To find out how, and who else argues this point, please read the full report:
6: What solutions have been proposed?

To read how the peace process can be exploited by Hamdok to strengthen Sudan’s democratic prospects, please go to the very bottom of the full report, which can be found here:
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