Happy Birthday @mallikaaaax! On 25, here's 25 things I love about you!

1. You're fun to talk to. Your reactions to everything are the BEST.
2. You're such a fangirl. Matlab, you put the "fan" in "fangirl".
3. You're very dedicated to anything you do. Be it a 30 minute long VM to celebrate a show, or giving your 100% at your job. You're awesome like that!
4. You're an amazing poetess. Your words never cease to amaze me and make me cry. Every time, I'm bowled over by how amazing you are.
5. You love reading almost as much as I do. It's great to talk to someone who GETS it.
6. You're a sappy romantic and I love that cause you read trashy romance with me and watch cliche kdramas and fangirl over them.
7. You're a constant source of entertainment, in more ways than one.
8. You're the clumsiest person I know and you've somehow managed to make your mishaps something you can laugh over instead of crying about it which is so fucking commendable.
9. You're very self aware. You acknowledge your shortcomings and always try to do better. Not everyone can.
10. No matter how hard you fall, you always pick yourself back up again. Be it physically or metaphorically. You're really brave.
11. You love so fiercely. Be it your family and friends, or your favourite characters. You love everyone so beautifully.
12. No matter how busy you are, you always make time for the important things and the important people.
13. You're a total mother hen. Such a fussy idiot when it comes to the people you love.
14. You're the butt of one million jokes on twt everyday, but you take it all on stride and laugh at yourself. I admire that so fucking much.
15. You always spread happiness and cheer wherever you go.
16. Your relationship with your brother and the way you two roast each other.
17. Your very idiotic and innovative curses that are somehow now a part of my everyday vocabulary.
18. Your constant typos that somehow are so different from what you're tryna say. Never gonna let you live em down.
19. The way you constantly drag Ihsar. Always makes me so happy. (Low-key miss the times when I was always mediating between you two so bad!)
20. The way you're able to make friends in the span of one conversation. Seriously, teach me how.
21. The way you're always embroiled in some sort of tug of war with someone on the tl. 100% makes my day better by laughing at you.
22. The way you have a new boyfriend everyday. Shipping you with others is the best. Kuttanalika, Bechallika, ***llika. I ship it all.
23. Your constant over reactions over anything and everything. Drama Queen that you are, it's always fun to see.
24. Your barrage of emojis. When I see a sea of emojis on my tl, I know you're here without having to check the profile picture or name or handle.
25. Just that you're my Khimoji and that's it. ❤
Ab koi bhi typo hua hoga toh ignore. I wrote so many nice things. Concentrate on that bas.

Also. I tried, and it turned out not that good, but still, in case you want a new wallpaper, always at your service.
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