If you’re trying to watch the North Korean parade, it appears that pre-taped footage of a nighttime parade is about to begin broadcast on KCTV. Join us here. https://twitter.com/nknewsorg/status/1314868938875056132
This is certainly ... different.
This looks nuts.
Definitely some towed SLBMs in the lineup; tons of MLRS. Larger TELs too.
(Will post a little commentary on Twitter, but I’m chit-chatting live with @oryxspioenkop, @chadocl, and @jeongminnkim here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5Nf5Eb7EQul1mLqrRwliw/live)
Full-show broadcast on.
There’s Kim Jong Un—wearing a grey, western-style suit.
KJU waves from the new viewing platform at Kim Il Sung Square. And he’ll likely deliver opening remarks (as he did at the 10/10/2015 parade).
No face-masks anywhere; risky, but a show of confidence.
Kim Yo Jong.
Kim Jong Un delivers remarks.
Kim looks quite emotional as he acknowledges the efforts of the armed forces.
Note. https://twitter.com/BBCLBicker/status/1314878380794290177
While we wait for KJU, the systems I’ve gotten a glimpse of so far in the lineup:
– 240/300/600 mm MLRS systems
– Pukguksong-(1/3) on a flatbed (?)
– Pongae-5 (KN06) SAM
The decision to hold this at night starts to make sense with KJU’s sharp, emotional emphasis on overcoming adversity: basically, suggesting that the WPK’s light will cut through the darkness.
From a propaganda perspective, at least, reminds me of this from last winter: KJU tending a bonfire, providing warmth in the cold.
The show of apparent humility is also evocative of other themes in propaganda from last year. For instance, KJU bowing to workers. https://twitter.com/duyeonkim/status/1314881030851977217
Re: last tweet, see here. https://twitter.com/jeongminnkim/status/1199899941574864896
Kim shouts: “Manse!” (Live long.) Looks like the speech is over and we’ll get into the actual parade now.
Note. https://twitter.com/duyeonkim/status/1314883112430526465
Getting closer to parade start.
Pukguksong-2 MRBMs.
Pre-taped footage from (probably) Sunchon AFB, showing KPAF pilots getting ride for Su-25/MiG-29 flights.
As @oryxspioenkop notes on our stream, these armored infantry vehicles are new.
KN06 SAMs & KN19 (Kumsong-3 CDCM).
Looks like Pukguksong-3 on the flat-bed. @ArmsControlWonk
Plenty of small arms modernization & introduction of new body armors. Conventional investments continue despite nuclear force progress.
Chemical warfare units: w/ PMK gas masks. (Note: right is from DPRK UN ambassador’s first committee speech today & DPRK is not CWC signatory.)
MiG-29 pilots getting ready (Sunchon AFB).
MiGs off from Sunchon (the benefit of a pre-taped, produced parade is having this footage).
7 x MiG-29. That’s a significant proportion of the total KPAF inventory.
KJU watches as MiG-29s release flares over KIS Square.
An-2 biplanes (?) deliver the WPK logo in formation.
NLOS ATGMs are back.
Converted 8x8 APC ATGM carriers.
New MBTs.
Tons of KN25 launcher configurations.
More KN25.
New air defense radars.
KN23 on tracked TELs.
11-axle ICBM: New *massive* system. Largest liquid-fueled missile anywhere.
Another shot. This would appear to be the “new strategic weapon.”
Correction. https://twitter.com/nktpnd/status/1314902110660632581
Wrapping up live commentary on the @nknewsorg stream, but I’ll share more thoughts on Twitter soon. Video here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5Nf5Eb7EQul1mLqrRwliw/live
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