I need to make something abundantly clear: history is messy and confusing and often dishonest. Whether or not terfs were involved in the lesbian separation movement is irrelevant because NOW in PRESENT DAY lesbians and bisexual women being separate does FAR more good than harm
Arguing that because a few terfs agreed with the separation of lesbians and bisexuals is like arguing that actually we should all stop getting pap smears bc gynecology is rooted in racism
Very fucking often polar opposite viewpoints overlap because people have different fucking motives for pushing an agenda. This is SUPREMELY important.
This is like arguing that communism is actually bad because some communist leaders did awful things. Would you give up on communism as a whole because some people used it to justify horrible crimes? No. Because YOUR motives for communism are different than THEIRS.
Some terfs are pro choice. Does that somehow make the pro choice movement bad?? NO!! THAT'S NOT HOW THIS HAS EVER WORKED!!!
Yall will see something in history used for the wrong reasons and immediately jump to brush it with the same black and white brush. That's not how this works and it comes from a place of privilege and naiveté.
And this idea that terfs are predominantly lesbians is deeply, deeply insidious. No. Terfs use lesbians as talking points but they are rarely EVER lesbians. Most terfs I have met and most terfs that have harassed me were actually self proclaimed bisexual or cishet women.
I hate to break it to you all but history is messy and convoluted and rarely is as simple as it looks. It's not black and white. And to claim that it is comes from a place where you can AFFORD to ignore the reality of what the world is: gray. All that tells me is that you have +
+ been privileged enough to escape from real world consequences and experiences.
It's like the queer slur all over again. A lot of you people need some goddamn dialectic behavioral therapy so you can understand that two things can exist at once. Was there a push by radfems and terfs to criminalize and demonize the word queer? Yes. Was there also genuine +
+ issue to be taken with the word as it IS a slur? Also fucking yes. These two things can coexist.
And what yall fail to understand is a lot of terf rhetoric RELIES on taking leftist and feminist talking points and twisting them to suit their own needs. There is a REASON everyone is always so fucking confused on what is an original terf talking point or not. That is +
+ INTENTIONAL. They have survived for so long by using underhanded infiltration and grooming methods. They WANT to sound just like every other leftist out there. That is the POINT.
The more confusing and muddied the waters the more they thrive. You need to understand this bc I have seen yall demonize legitimately good ideals and viewpoints time and time again because terfs co opted these thought processes and twisted them to suit them. That is how they +
+ win and that is how you all continue to ALLOW them to win.
Terfs survive by blending in and slowly and steadily stealing concepts that will lend them credibility in leftist spaces. I've seen it. I've watched it. They are possibly the most insidious of sleeper agents. What they are actually infecting our spaces with is radical white +
+ supremacy. They have continued for so long because we are unequipped to handle the idea that two things can exist at once and we are not trained to sniff out a snake. So, yes. Were they involved in the idea that lesbians cannot be attracted to men? Sure. To a certain degree. +
+ But the idea did not originate from terfs. It came from well meaning people that wanted to give bisexuals and lesbians words to better define who they are and what they love. They may have corrupted the idea, but the idea still fucking stands. It just suited them at the time +
+ to push a transphobic narrative.

Once you understand that terfs are opportunist monsters, far worse than any other far right group in how far they are willing to go to infest leftist spaces, a lot of confusing things about them will start to make more sense.
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