Just finished watching David Attenborough’s sobering new documentary on #ClimateChange in which he highlights the gravity of the situation.

“If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilizations and extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.” 1/3
There is little doubt that #SustainableLiving and #RenewableEnergy will be one of the most critical trends over next decade - more from necessity than anything else.

“This is not about saving our planet - this is about saving ourselves.” 2/3
This is what is on my watchlist:
- Plant-based diet: $BYND $FMCI
- Fuel Cells: $BE, $PLUG
- Solar: $RUN $SEDG $DQ
- Wind: $VWDRY
- Water: $ECL

“Within 20 years, majority of our energy needs will be fulfilled by renewables?”

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