In 2016, some Men of the #SARs stormed into my house passed through my father and handcuffed my brother for no reason whatsoever. One of the #SARs men tried to drop something and luckily my dad saw him and screamed. They took my brother away without saying a word to me or my dad.
We chased after them like hopeless people and they threatened to shoot us..That was broad day light kidnap,because they wore mofty,had a gun with no warrant for arrest. We didn’t know where they took my brother to, until someone directed us to #Sars road,ph.
We went there and luckily for us, we found him. They said someone stole a bag of phone and ran into number 4 of that street, we told them my brother just woke up from sleep by that time they came to the house.We heard gunshots from a room and screams followed,
They shot at a young man for not saying the truth. That day I thought I’ll loose my brother, because I mean! What’s all these brutality for? Finally,they asked for 1 million to bail my brother... Wtf! What did he do? My dad called his lawyer @Emeka_Ugwuonye .
He called their oga kpatakpa and asked them to release his boy with immediate effect..the men of #SARS operative came out and started laughing that small play we have gone to involve Barr. Emeka,long story short they asked for started begging from 1million-100k and then anything
And then anything for the boys! My dad said he won’t even give them a dime, they started begging for recharge card money. You need to see these men,with tattoos,piercings and moving freely with Igbo in their mouth, most importantly looking scary with their guns.
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