It's #worldmentalhealthday2020 how many people tweeting today are aware of the link between #thyroid hormones and, #MentalHealth health? If you have any MH symptoms your thyroid could be the cause. Look for facial signs too. Treated and untreated = big difference.
If you have a thyroid condition and would like to share experiences and or any photos please reply and include the #worldmentalhealthday2020 tag. Let's show the world what we mean and help raise awareness of the connection between #thyroid hormones and brain function.
We are a tiny, new charity (registered 2019. < 1 FT staff) for people affected by thyroid disease, including friends, family and interested professionals. If you could give just £3 a month to support our work you could help us do so much more and increase our impact. Link in bio.
You can follow @ThyroidTrust.
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