Since @RoflGandhi_ and #TeamBaan🏹 has officially attained a celebrity status now with a fan list containing @sakshijoshii @ReallySwara @RichaChadha and many more, plus collaborators as big as @kunalkamra88 I thought the time was right to make his identity public. The thread
Ok the first tweet was only to grab attention and to get you to read on. In reality this thread is only an attempt to guess his identity from the info currently available publicly. How correct, read on and decide for yourself
Age: from the seriousness and maturity of most (not all 😁) of his tweets and that too from last 3-4 years it is safe to assume he is around 40 (plus minus a couple of years)
Background: Everyone would’ve guessed by now that he is a pure Haryanvi currently living in Gurgaon. I guess he hails from Bhiwani, Hisar, Sirsa belt. His closeness with farmers issues seems to suggest that he hails from a farmer family or a family closely connected to farming
Education: His command over written English suggests he is well educated. My guess an MBA from a non engineering background
Profession: Not an IT guy coz he chose TeamBaan for a name while any IT guy would not do it in order to avoid confusing it with BAAN ERP, where there is a TeamBAAN in every IT dept of companies using this software. He would’ve known it from his circle
Profession contd: So for an MBA working in Gurgaon, not working in IT company, not an engineer what are the other options. Read on...
Profession contd:: My guess telecom in sales. Sales for the very fact that he isn’t shy of public speaking ( yes podcast correct). Telecom because of no change in tweeting behaviour during lockdown while other sector ppl (like me) suddenly got a lot of extra free time for Twitter
Profession contd:: So if it’s telecom, a sector which is in a very bad state, which company has sales people that have so much of free time for tweeting all day😜 “Only Airtel”. All other company sales guys are so stressed right now (including Jio)
Conclusion: So if you know someone in his 40s, living in Gurgaon, working for Airtel in sales, drives or used to drive a White Santro then my friend you have discovered @RoflGandhi_ . Go n say Hi to him. From my side too please.
Ps: for #TeamBaan fellow members, this is only a fun thread. इसलिए आपसे विनती है कि मुझे बाण ना मारें। क्यूँकि मैं भी आपकी तरह बस एक Fan और #TeamBaan समर्थक हूँ।
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