I’ve been an RN for 17 years. There’s something you need to understand about Trump’s covid timeline.

Supposedly Trump was diagnosed last Friday morning at 1 am or so. He went into the hospital that evening at 6:30 pm.

Upon admission Friday night, he was administered the experimental drug from Regeneron—a drug that is not even approved for emergency use by the FDA. It is only used for “comfort care” which means it’s NOT stocked in hospital pharmacies et al. It must be requested.

With the requests for special use medication, it typically takes 2-3 days to receive that order. That means Dr. Conley may have had to order it by at least Tuesday—WHICH means trump was already Covid positive on Tuesday at the debate. They could clear this up.

All they have to do is tell the American public WHEN Trump had his last negative test prior to the debate last week. They refuse. The timing of it along with their obfuscation tells us more than their words ever will.

Trump already had SARS-COV2 at the presidential debate on Tuesday of last week. They all knew it. Trump went—while infected—because his plan was to infect @JoeBiden with this deadly virus. Don’t make excuses. It’s a fact. It’s attempted murder. He failed because he’s a loser.
Now—let’s fix this. Trump will never be held accountable for his crimes and corruption as long as he sits in the WH—as long as #MoscowMitch, aka @senatemajldr is in power. Let’s fix it.



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