Okay, having grown up white trash (and proud of it) let’s take a closer look at this dude’s dwelling and see what we can glean. According to this site, I’m told he has a fine house and 2 new trucks.

Now, let’s also set aside the whole argument about what causes anger etc
because that’s a whole other conversation. Here let’s just look at whether the claims he’s doing pretty good are true. First, the house. Did the FBI smash in this window? Did they fill this deck with trash? If not, I’m guessing the inside is pretty foul
On to these “two new trucks”. This look new to you? Look at the way it bends at the cabin, and look at all the rust. It might start, but you think that’s new? Come on
How about this other “new truck”? First of all it’s surrounded by rusty appliances. Second, it’s covered in over growth. If I had to guess, it’s being kept around for spare parts.
Again, this has nothing to do with whether these conditions cause this or that. That’s not my point.

My point is that if you look at these living conditions and think they’re totally fine you’re either blessedly clueless or have a decrepit vision for what a decent life is
So if you looked at this scene and said, yeah, this is all fine, then your political project is bankrupt and I hope it fails.
And here’s the thing, I never said anything about sympathizing with this guy. That completely misses the point of a universal social democracy that wants dignity for all people, even bad ones. But y’all are so broken by neoliberalism you sing its song without even knowing it. https://twitter.com/badvibesnochill/status/1314750733477130241
If you read the replies here, there are so many people here who consider themselves on the left but can only think in terms of an individual. The capacity this more broadly just seems gone. Hopefully it’s just suppressed and will re-emerge.
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