The @CarterCenter, which has been involved in peace, human rights, democracy, election monitoring, and global health for decades, held a webinar yesterday on the 2020 election. Below are some takeaways: (Thread)
1/ Voters should approach this election with the expectation that a definitive winner may not be known on Nov 3. Be wary of calls to prevent every vote from being counted.
2/ The public should understand how many safeguards, validations, and procedural controls exist in the U.S. voting process, which make fraud extremely rare. There may be small-scale anecdotes of impropriety, but keep them in context of the scale required to influence the outcome.
3/ People can’t just “show up” to monitor elections, and can’t loiter in the polling place. Election watchers and observers are appointed by each party, their number is limited, they must be trained, and they are subject to the authority of election judges at each polling place.
4/ For example, here’s the Maryland State Board of Elections document on election monitors, who must be certified. Note also that voter interference, advocacy, cameras, and phone use are prohibited:
Here’s the one for Texas:
5/ Voter intimidation (which would include brandishing a weapon) is a felony under Federal law (18 U.S. Code § 594) subject to fine and imprisonment which is applicable to each violation and can result in consecutive jail terms. Here’s a useful article.
6/ The best thing a random person can do to help ensure the integrity of our democracy is to vote.
7/ For more, see this thread that the @CarterCenter posted during the webinar:
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