This is Gus. You may have seen him today when he stole the show during our #SKVotes People-First Platform launch.

Gus is one of my boys. He and his brother are two of the reasons I’m running to be Premier. (1/5)
Scott Moe's dangerous cuts are hurting our kids' futures. The Sask Party has cut more than $54m from education. They have no plan to invest in renewable energy and deal with climate change. They don't have a plan to fix our healthcare system and grow it for the future. (2/5)
I want to build a better Saskatchewan for all the kids in our province. They deserve better than cuts, privatization, and broken politics.

It's time for a government that prioritizes our kids, not out-of-province corporate donors. (3/5)
It's time for a government that invests in our classrooms, giving kids the supports they need to succeed.

It's time for a government that renews Saskatchewan, and makes sure our kids will have good jobs in a sustainable future. (4/5)
What kind of future do you want for your kids? (5/5)

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