2) petrified that starting on Monday, the entire focus will be on the Supreme Court and the ACB hearings. The 15th is the 3rd day of the hearings. They would love to have the debate take it off the news.

They also are petrified that Biden’s refusal to say whether he is for
3) packing the courts will remain at the forefront. Especially his BS answer from a few days ago. They can’t control the Moron from Hawaii, Kamala and Booker making a spectacle out of the hearings. Going after ACB’s religious beliefs while her 7 kids are sitting right behind her https://twitter.com/jsolomonreports/status/1314632984830644226
4) for the country to see. They also know that their MONSTER will be out in full force across the country for Americans to see. Looting, arsons etc. will be their calling card. Get as much free stuff as possible before the President is re-elected and uses the Insurrection Act.
5) Coronavirus will be on the back burner with the President, his wife and other staff having kicked its ass.

They also know that on Thursday, October 29th, the Advance Estimate for the 3rd Quarter real GDP rate will be released. It is currently sitting at 35.2% according to
6) the Atlanta Federal Reserve. If it reaches 36.4%, it wipes out all the loses from the 1st and 2nd Quarter even with Democrat Governors still closing down their state. Think about that week before the 3rd of November. ACB confirmed on that Monday or Tuesday and the real GDP https://twitter.com/baba9773/status/1314641772488908805
8) They and the Democrats will beg for that debate but our President will tell them to go pound sand! Especially with how horrible Kamala was against Pence. Our President is rightfully saying she will be the President not Biden. https://twitter.com/kellyannepolls/status/1314626735514755072
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