A lot of the people that they putting up as excample of older woman on Newstart also have disibility the question really needs to be asked
How is so many ple with disability’s are being refused DSP
These policys almost killed me before I got my dsp back #auspol
They have no concept what mutual obligations does 2people with mental illness all our life’s we spend sitting down explaining our worth to ple then they make us do job active we have enough mental stress don’t need ple pushing us so they can get a pay off death seems only way out
Becouse that’s what these policys do
People like me we have enough going on in our heads we put enough stress on our minds ourselfs (right to the edge it’s a illness) then they say you have to do this thing like parole but you didn’t do anything .. and they push you hard
That crap added on to everything else and the trauma that never goes away well after a year of mutual obs you start thinking there is no way out you think this is life now and start to seriously think of painless ways to die @ScottMorrisonMP you are doing this #auspol
I’m ok people I have my dsp back
I just want people to understand that we have goverment policys designed to kill us
Case in point I told my worker when I walk to my appointments I was so broke back then
When I see truck on hwy I had to fight to not jump in front of it
There response you should see somebody now your on your last chance if miss another appointment we will breach you #auspol
This is how they are killing us
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