Coming through HEADLINE NEWS! HEADLINE NEWS! URGENT URGENT IMPORTANT! @COP26 @UN @Channel4News @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking @itvnews @10DowningStreet @CNN @SkyNewsBreak @FoxNews NOW WILL YOU REPORT ON #CLIMATECHANGE!!! please. Folk need to prepare AND act.
I can't bear this wall of silence is outrageous that its got to this point because of it as well as being totally irresponsible. Millions if not billions are now set to die because not enough was done to warn us over the last 30 years to be able to act. We may even avoided #covid
The rest of our #RoyalsFamily are probably up all night trying to keep #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming headline news on tv. Or did you think it fluke that @DavidALifeFilm and #EarthshotPrize got announced in the same week? We plan ahead but we can't plan if #TVNews doesn't report
Respond please. Or copy and paste to show you at least care.
I wish I was psychotic and imaging all this. I'd best try to sleep as this is making me very unwell with worry. I'll not tweet again new again til I get a response for fear of being abusive . I've never been so depressed so angry for so long about so much with so little response
Why is so important that #tvnews report of #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange? 1. Millions don't have smartphones wifi or broadband. 2. Investors including #businessnagnate need to know what to invest in e.g. #water #youcantdrinkgold 3. To avoid #financialcrash in #stocksandshares
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