My #TheMagicians inspired album Peaches and Plums has been out in digital music stores for a whole week now! (You can listen to it here: )

Wondering what to listen to next? Here is a thread of some more Magicians-inspired music by other artists! 🎵✨
I completely adore these The Magicians character jingles by @bufferingcast and @jennyowenyoungs and would not object to all of them becoming full songs eventually (you know where to find me if you need help).
I found out about “I Wanna Be A Magician” by @parrygripp when @leverus tweeted about it recently and it is so much fun.
And then there’s the lovely “Chatwin’s Spring” by Jared TWG who I met a while back when we performed on the same lineup.
Send any more my way; I’d love to hear them!

Also I learned while recording my episode of @fillorians this week that a bunch of people are hoping that I’ll write songs about more characters and moments in the series! I’m certainly not opposed; what do you want to hear next?
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