starting next week, if you want to retweet something they disagree with, you have to first read their preferred view.

but hey, if we agree with you, amplify on!

this whole ecosystem is becoming a creature of editorial slant and cancel culture throttling.

it's sad and gross.
this is full blown message shaping.

they get to decide what goes viral.

not you.

not me.

not experts, leaders, and thought leaders.

zealot interns in san francisco get to decide.

this is how a platform dies.
it's also how you make a movement and school of thought irretrievably stupid and inept.

competition breeds competence.

coddling breeds self-congratulatory, dogmatic error.
requiring censorship of opposition proves the intellectual bankruptcy of the side you champion.

it's an overt admission that your ideas cannot stand up to scrutiny or debate.

it's admitting defeat but wanting the trophy anyway.

(it would taste like twitter)
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