For me #SidNaaz is the understanding they shared. The way they always come around even after a real bad fight.The way they cared for eo in their own way. They never showed off the affection but many felt. The way words were not much needed for one to feel what other might think +
The way one felt it's fine to let down your ego & make amends bcz they know it's worth it. The way other can't get to sleep if someone is not talking to him. The way other's absence affect someone's mood so much that he did things for their attention. The way one's real self +
comes to display when the other is around. The way one repeats the same tareefein he did again & again. The way someone loved to listen her even tho how gibberish the talks were. The way he pretended to give attention to her but wants it from her +
The way a man whom others can't get to control but is scared of her getting upset which he accepted infront of media people as well. So don't doubt their UNDERSTANDING bcz you don't have one regarding them & tbh these were the things
what made me believe in them not some +
champi session / foot massage or the cute fights or hugs or cute nicknames. If you are limited to those only then you better not ship them & end the misery of shipping for yourself like many did.
But don't doubt their bond just like that bcz u can't get to UNDERSTAND it.
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