Does the #UCP show signs of facism? Let's discuss

Posted in ww2 and holocaust museums, are warnings from the past. Warnings about what brave soldiers and citizens fought against and how those governments were able to get into power. Long thread, sorry!
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Where do the UCP sit in regards to these warnings signs?

1. Rampant Nationalism : in this case its more 'provincialism'. This idea that alberta only. And the fear mongering to supporters the UCP have duped about everyone is against us (against alberta). Not true.
Without federal funds during covid, the UCP wouldn't have been able to pay their own staff (they used wage subsidy), not to mention ed funding, covid funding, CERB for 25% of albertans (highest in the country btw)
2. Disdain for human rights: bill10 tramples on our rights, their disdain for AISH and disabled folks, etc. No hard condemnation of racist attacks in the province ( #RedDeer) yet VERY strong words when an inanimate statue is toppled. Statues over people for the UCP
3. Identification of enemies: any activist or anything against oil and gas is seen as treason and people are targeted. search for foreign entities attacking our industry, bill10 to limit ANY protest against oil and gas. Even their want for AB police is targeted towards activist
4. Supremecy of the military: in this case, the blatant lies to push ahead with a UCP controlled police force. EVEN THOUGH 65% of Albertans said no (pg. 65 in fair deal report).
It also eliminates any of the multiple investigations for fraud and other bs the UCP have pulled because they would control our own force who wouldn't be likely to investigate 'dear leader'
5. Rampant sexism: the disdain for our lady MLA's (ie: settle down kittycat) without reprimand from the leader is one example. Recently, MLA rosin and others voted to NOT ensure abortions in the public health act! #abpoli Great article:
6. Controlled media: not only are the UCP buddy-buddy with outlets like rebel media (blatant alt-right and racist outlet) and such, they endorse Scheer when he says stuff like this (from his exit speech). They encourage their base to look at the media that is favorable to them
Not to mention the fact that LeGrange (via Hinshaw) disparaged media from reporting or going to schools to get the details on covid19 from their point of view. Stated as 'balanced coverage', ie: listen to what we tell you, don't go and ask the schools/teachers/etc.
7. Obsession with national security: again, more 'obsession with provincial security' as shown with forcing through unwanted studies into our own police force, bills to limit any potential negativity towards alberta, the warroom to 'fight foreign entities', etc.
8. Religion and government: kenney is a 'catholic' (in his own terms, he's far from following the teachings) and this is shown in his history of fighting lgbqt folks (san fran, early 90's) and also womens rights.
One of their first acts was to remove GSA protections for lgbqt youth. He reinstated prayer breakfasts to pander to his religious base. Oh, and this is telling too:
9. Corporate power protected: this is blatant. His massive corp tax cuts without concern to the people of the province. His changes to overtime, youth wages etc.. all for the power of the corporation to make them stronger and us weaker.
#abpoli #ableg
10. Labour's power suppressed: not only, seems like daily, do they disparage the 'evil unions' and general labor force in the province, but even went as far as cutting away overtime and labor law changes to give more power to employers, and much less to workers.
MLA prasad panda, on labor day, insulted workers by calling them the 'little people' belittling their role in our society
11. Disdain for intellectuals and the arts: well this is no secret. The UCP cut arts (50% of film funding, 5% of AB foundation of arts, closed the Alberta branded gallery, etc). Unless it is a statue in another province, the UCP have no need for arts.
As for intellectuals: they are dumbing down our education system by changing the curriculum to suit what the UCP want ournkoda to learn. They want to limit any potential education with view points against oil and gas
Even their curriculum advisor wants province full of used car salesmen, not intellectuals in the sciences, etc.
They often fight against common and developed knowledge (ie, tam and covid) and of course, climate change by humans does not exist to the UCP.
The mock climate change activists (greta) and scientists to push their oil and has narrative as the end all, be all of everything. The world is going a different direction, the UCP are still in the stone age.
12. Crime and punishment: bill10 outlines massive fines and jail.time for anyone protesting against oil and gas. Our own AB police force to punish activists (again, in their own documents). Calling for heads to roll when a statue is toppled.. etc.
13. Rampant cronyism and corruption: where to start? Election fraud (fired the commissioner who was investigating him), already received multiple election fraud fines, panels are made up of 'friendlies', looking to remove rcmp as they are in current investigations of kenney, etc
Even this pwc study for our own police force- completely against their own stats, yet they lie and push ahead telling us we want it. Their buds get jobs to secure their corruption all the time.
14. Fraudulent elections: blatant! The whole kamikaze election fraud, firing the election official, current ongoing election fraud investigations and fines. They don't care!
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