Gonna Dona short thread, of videos.
The videos speak for themselves.
Starting off, with this.
@MattHancock dodging the question.
We know he is full of sh!t.
He knows we now he is full of sh!t, but he carries on talking sh!t.
#GreatReset #IDoNotConsent
Here's a good reason, from Tucker Carlson.
This is in Canada.

Think this isn't going to happen in the UK, then think again.

Anyone that thinks Boris & Co are on our side, think again.
Boris & Co are globalists.
Why is this government still doing harsh restrictions?
Wasn't they following the science?
One of the brothers Grim here saying how little chance you have of anything. 🤔
Here's conference about the central banks.
#CashlessSociety #COVID_1984
This is from March.
Even the future King of England thinks the virus is a scam-demic. Laughing at the media, government & the public.
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