Dear friends, my wife will die without her anti-stroke meds & she takes her last dose at 10a tomorrow. Her meds cost $175/week or $700/month. We have no income at all & are currently at $6.37. PLEASE retweet if you can’t donate!  #Twitter #furry #lgbt 1/4
Proof of the current state of our accounts. For more information on us, I keep a FAQ here: 

Alternate ways to donate/help:
Venmo: tygerwolfe
Note 1: I use the same words when asking for help in this desperate situation due to Twitter’s character limit. I only ask when we have no other recourse,& I try to keep our situation transparent. Updates are posted to Twitter. Thank you all for helping me keep my wife alive! 3/4
Note 2: We are both at high risk for COVID-19, & our stimulus money went to rent & other bills. My Disability application was rejected due to Drs not describing my conditions well enough. COVID has stalled my job search, so this is our current only recourse. Thank you again. 4/4
Could you all please retweet the first post in this thread? My wife needs her stroke meds again this week. I’m sorry to bug every week. @maegodhavemercy @olivebrinker @EllieODaire @EbThen @microdile @DogpatchPress @Faebelina @alexevans91 @damnyouwillis @palaeoplushies #lockdown
Could you all please retweet (again) the first post in this thread so I can get my wife her stroke meds this week? Thank you. @olivebrinker @CalaerielLittle @TojoTheThief @JibKodi @TransSalamander @transscribe @Azure_Husky @AngosturaCat @wordofgreen #furry #twitterdoyourthing
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