Hi folks. Poverty does not cause racism.
The end.
Excellent point.

Racism causes poverty. https://mobile.twitter.com/Karri_Kemyst/status/1314634060417789952
So now I have a bunch of people in my mentions explaining why poor white people are more racist than other white people.

They aren’t.

They may express it differently. But they aren’t.
In the EXACT same convo they are explaining that rich white people use racism to manipulate poor white people.

So - both are racist. One group is using it as a tool for power over the others. Neither the poverty nor the wealth caused the racism.
I think the people who want to blame racism either on poverty or on rich people being manipulative are the people who are fine with racism as long as it doesn’t become violent or interfere with their politics.
Just watch Trump with his “save the suburbs!” propaganda. You going to argue this has to do with poverty and racism? It’s rich white people using racism to manipulate middle class racists.
A lot of white people think the job is to stop racism from being radicalized into violent citizen action.

The job is to stop racism from being a socioeconomic force altogether.
“Save the suburbs!” is as harmfully racist as some guy in a hood.
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