10) Anyway, I can't speak to the particulars of sheriff leaf & the Null brothers beyond that. But it will be interesting to see what emerges.

11) Also: I have to wonder did the Null brothers think they were in sheriff Dar Leaf's "posse"? Leaf's CSPOA already has a history of creating renegade sheriff/militia hybrids. I mention a few of those in my story on Trump & Lind. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, co-founder of the CSPOA...
12)..had a "posse" of, literally, thousands of men - some of whom were convicted criminals (see Trump/Lind story).

That's the problem with the CSPOA logic - it can give rise to what are essentially private armies, under sheriffs who believe they are the ultimate authorities...
13)..in their respective counties. Also, a number of CSPOA sheriffs have been accused of especially egregious human rights offenses against inmates under their care.
14) One last thing - the FBI raided Dar Leaf's sheriffs office in 2014 and seized computers, but offered no public explanation why. I haven't yet found out how that resolved, if it indeed did.
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