What if you're an environ'l funder in BC, or an ENGO funded by them, & you've developed a friendly relationship w the NDP & so you've muted your criticism of them & their policies while they're in power, & this ultimately blunts your critique of, say, fracking & deforestation?
But what if those NDP policies are significantly contributing to climate change in different ways - fracking, deforestation of old growth, GHG-emitting/resource-hogging #SiteC, all undeniably accelerated under the NDP? How should you assess your work as ENGOs and enviro funders?
Just hearing one too many stories about environmentalists either pushed to go easy on the NDP or asked to praise some of their patently greenwashing or electioneering environmental announcements. We have a serious problem here.
I guess the last question should be: if you are muting criticism of policies & the gov't pushing those policies, & failing to say they're harming climate & environment, are you paradoxically in the business of climate denial despite what you may tell yourself you're doing?
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