Friday Poem #196: Lockdown





What are we going to do?

They've told us once

They might have to tell us twice;

Despite us following their advice.

Something nasty is going round:

We're heading for another lockdown.
Way back when, in the midst of spring,

The government shut down EVERYTHING.

The roads were empty,

You could hear the birds

As we all stayed at home to work.

Remember that bloke who's kid walked in while he was interviewed on the news?

He was a modern Nostradamus,
Predicting TEAMS® and Zoom®.
Virtual meetings started, 

And we all followed suit.

"We can't hear you - WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!


You could choose to change your background -

Mountains, cities, Even space!

While none of us were ever properly

Dressed below the waist.
The novelty soon wore off 

As the days got long and gruelling

Especially when your kids were there

And you were doing home schooling.
But then the call came from number 10 -

It's no good, all this stopping!

The economy is going to go kaput

If you don't eat out and go shopping!

So we were told to bravely step outside

Whilst keeping 2 metres apart

Retail therapy was prescribed
As the way we all should play our part.

"eat out to help out" 3 days a week.

Would also ensure we wouldn't be beat.
They said the rules could be relaxed,

To encourage us to spend our cash

But some took this liberty a bit too far

And crowded in our parks and bars

We flocked in scores to parks and beaches

Too many people within our reaches.

What did they think, the powers that be?
That COVID would respect our liberty?

That it would not spread through cities and towns

Just because we were spending our hard earned pounds?
We don't have to wear mask at restaurant seating

Because the virus politely stands back when you are eating

But please wear one when you go to pay the bill

Cos that's when it tries to make you ill.

Some say the masks infringe our breathing
How they've survived takes some believing

There's been anti mask rallies in Trafalgar Square

I hope no-one invited the virus there.
And now the numbers are on the rise.

Tell me - are you really not surprised?

While the Government makes no apology

Gives no defense

But relies upon OUR common sense.

They relaxed the rules

And we just complied

Which is why COVID cases are on the rise.
With each passing day,

Another lockdown is looking likely

But will this one be longer

Or just fortnightly?
We all have a responsibility to each other

And our colleagues, neighbours

Friends, and mothers.

But those in power have responsibility too

To help us as a nation see this through.

So when we're all sent home again

Sat in our pyjamas in a meeting at half ten
Trying to teach our children algebra

We may well think this lockdown

Has gone too far.

But how far must the number of Covid deaths go?

By how much more must that number grow?

I don't want a lockdown,

Nobody does

But the solution doesn't just lie with us.
We will beat COVID with common sense,

But we need it also in number 10.
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