Is Science a language?
If Ayurveda promotes waking up in Brahmuhurat (Kapha kala) as Nidra causes sandrata it is not science
If it is said more blood viscosity so more heart attacks in early morning it is a science
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If modern science says iron tablets should be taken with Vit C sources to enhance the absorption that becomes a science but if Ayurveda thousands of years back mentions certain iron formulations to be taken with Anupaan Buttermilk it is not science!
If Ayurveda says Aartav is updhatu of Rasa dhatu so the food is the cause of menstrual disorders it is not science
But if it is said PCOD is diet and lifestyle disorder it becomes a science!
If our acharyas used to meditate under Peepal tree because they knew it emits Pran Vayu it is not science
But millenniums later if it is said Peepal tree uptakes CO2 at night it becomes a science!
Every science has its own Pharmacodynamics. How can it be forced to change its basic principles in the name of evidence?
Ayurveda does need 'Re-search' as there is lot to dig into. It is so vast that veteran professors after teaching Ayurveda for years learn a new thing everyday
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