I've been thinking a lot about interdisciplinarity in TTRPGs recently, so here's a question for game design folx out there: how have your non-TTRPG studies/work/hobbies/interests/etc. influenced your game design?
for me personally:
1) I don't have any official game design background - approaching design as an iterative process is from my academic training in general design thinking, supplemented by additional studies on how to do approachable product design for multiple audiences
2) I create strategic and communication materials to help people learn and act on change at my day job, which has trained me to keep the users of my game (players/GM) in focus when designing a game, and also makes my approach to games as helping users through the process of play
3) both my museum design studies and my day job in turning complicated tech jargon into user-friendly language/concepts influence how I do the actual writing of games
4) I did a lot of theatre, so thinking of what it means to embody a character makes my games way more personal
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