It is reported that president will address the nation soon.
OK it is starting
Hadrut, Chayli, Yukhari Guzlak, Gorazilli, Qishlaq, Qarajali, Afandilar, Suleymanli, Sur villages were liberated.
We hear happy news from the frontline every day. Operation plan is in order with superiority.
He is now reading a list of seized and destroyed equipment of Armenian forces. Destroyed - 116 tank, 38 BM-21, 1 Uragan, 2 S-300, 25 OSA, 136 cannons, 1 TOS-1A, 2 radiolocation stations.
Seized - 18 tank 4 cannons 4 UAZ 1 excavator 1 ZiL truck 9 Gaz cars. No equipment lost. Enemy is telling lies to their own people.
NOTE: There are more stuff destroyed and seized, but I just couldn't catch up with it.
in Azerbaijani:
We drive their tanks, we patrol in their trenches, use their equipment against them. This is Azerbaijani soldier's superiority. The enemy is panicking and is in hysteria.
They are calling, begging, humiliating themselves in front of other countries to save themselves. Only way for them is to leave our lands. Azerbaijan won't reconcile with occupation.
We are forcing the occupant to ask for peace.
They saw that no force in world, no country in globe can't stop. Whomever you beg, whomever you ask, we won't stop. Now we are giving them last chance to leave our territories and return to negotiations.
Let his MFA to say "Karabakh is Armenia" in Moscow now. We will see.
Armenian leadership now understands that they can only act according to our demands and our conditions. Go to your country, go away from our territories.
I believe today's meeting in Moscow will bear something. You said you are not going to give away an inch? What happened now? Now you are begging others to help you?
We came and we took it. We can took more if we like, but we won't attack Armenia.
So where are you Pashinyan, why are you running to Moscow? I suggest him to call shamans or some tribal leader living in an isolate island.
There is never been such a leader who humiliated his country that much.
We took inauguration in Shusha as an insult. We didn't bomb there then, despite many asked me to do it. Now he [Arayik Harutyunyan] should look at that building where he took oath.
If we didn't put the aggressor in his place, he wouldn't be running to Moscow right now. He wouldn't give any territory now. We made them do it. They are sitting like rats, where is your anger, where is your pride, where is your heroism now?
I am warning them that if after talks in Moscow, they are going to cheat on us, we will show them again. We are giving Armenia the last chance. Nobody will help them. Armenia fell on its knees in front of us.
Forget the status quo, I changed the status quo, right there, on the battlefield. No line of contact anymore.
They say there will be new LoC, no new LoC, we will going to take all our territories. We are celebrating a historical victory right now, the brightest one ever.
Karabakh is Azerbaijan! - speech ended.
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