So much of the most impactful Trump-era “reporting” has been proven fraudulent — Cambridge Analytica, Alfa Bank & the Steele Dossier are just the latest — but media outlets don’t want to know because they profited greatly, sold books, & showered themselves with Pulitzers for it.
Even the Russiagate-friendly NY Times now essentially acknowledges, buried deep in articles, that the Steele Dossier was a fraud. But it goes far beyond that: there was massive abuse of power & disinformation from FBI & CIA as part of the 2016 Russiagate investigation & few care.
That the FBI fraudulently obtained warrants to spy on a US citizen is a far bigger scandal than anything Russiagate revealed. But media outlets are uninterested in abuse of power by FBI/DOJ & CIA because they were the key partners to these agencies in spreading disinformation.
Distrust of security state agencies & their corrupt partnership with US news outlets was once a major concern for the liberal-left. That’s largely gone (hence the neocon union).

CIA, FBI & NSA & their media partners became useful to Dems. The abuse of power was beneficial.
There have been so many new documents & other major revelations relating to Russiagate and CIA and FBI’s behavior in the election. But, mostly, it’s only been covered by right-wing media. The media outlets that feasted on Russiagate for 4 years don’t want their audiences to know.
Trump has single-handedly fueled or even saved so many media outlets this way: it’s hard to envision how they’ll function without him. Few will subscribe to NYT or watch MSNBC to hear about Biden. And they won’t be able to criticize Biden because their audiences won’t allow it.
They’ll likely have to resort to focusing on Trump and/or the Trump movement even once he’s gone to keep fear and adrenaline levels high among their audiences. They need him. Biden excites nobody. You can’t understand liberal media without understanding its new profit model.
The big risk with Biden & Dems controlling the WH and Congress is the disappearance of“resistance.” Just like anti-war/civil liberties concerns mostly evaporated on 1/20/2009, even though Obama continued Bush/Cheney policies, Biden will be used to signal that all is good again.
More here from this thread on some of the key lowlights in this sustained, dangerous 4-year disinformation campaign cooked up by the CIA/FBI and disseminated through gullible, subservient media outlets:
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