Weasel is the exact right word for so many #BigEva types. And they really hate it. So ill keep using it. Only a weasel can justify cancelling church for the sniffles with the capital punishment verse....but cant find capital punishment in the capital punishment verse.
Only a weasel can read "act like men, be strong" and respond with stuff like "what is acting like a man" as if its unclear or hard to understand.
Only a weasel can use the example of Paul confronting Peter for his partiality as a reason why we should show partiality when hiring pastors or God forbid, platform a sick racist like Jemar Tisby in our churches.
Weasels are upside down. But they do it in a sneaky way with rhetoric. They rarely say what they mean and what they mean is, "did God really say?"
Weasels are NOT determined to be weasels by one article or one tweet. They demonstrate a pattern of deception over time. A pattern of lies.....both flat out lies, and lies of omission. #BigEva is the fakenews media of evangelicalism.
Dont want to be called weasel? Stop acting like one.
Obviously this may not stop people from calling you one. But when you dont act like one, it doesnt stick. Ppl call me racist all the time. but it doesnt stick bc im clearly not one. I dont complain about it. I just go on living my life. On racism my conscience is clean.
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