Look how utterly brainless and insane @TheDemCoalition is.

Whitmer attacked @realDonaldTrump for something he didn't do, he responded, and now we're supposed to hate Trump.

It was fitting that Whitmer's sign-language interpreter seemed off her rocker.

Does that describe DONALD TRUMP?

Isn't it DEMOCRATS who are anti-police?

Why yes!

It sure is.

But STILL, Democrats aren't to blame for this.

See how that works, Democrats?

Even though YOU are on the same side as these criminals, I differentiate between YOU and the criminals.

Democrats aren't responsible for THIS crime.
But Democrats are sure as hell responsible for refusing to enforce laws.

Look how insane you people are.

You want no police, you support abolishing incarceration, and you say #StopTrumpsTerror despite demanding protection from criminals.
There's no way to fulfill your demands, so we the sane should just bow out and leave you to your fate.

I have to tell you that I have no sympathy for blue states and cities that have elected their own tormentors for decades.

I live in the failed state of California.
I'm leaving after 30 years because there's no longer any quality of life, and the voters keep supporting policies that bring their own deaths and impoverishment.

This is the world's largest open-air mental asylum.

Californians voted to decriminalize terroristic arson.
They voted to make it impossible to hold criminals on any charge.

And now they're bitching about...crime.

It's called "folly."

Leftism is folly. Self-imposed oppression.

So I'm out of here. It probably won't be my last move.
I'm probably going to have to go to a deep-red state just so I can have a few years of peace before I get shoved into the crematorium.

Leftism is a form of suicide, and I've learned to let the suicidal do what they want.

My best friend and both my parents committed suicide.
I fought hard for the lives of all three, but it left me spent.

It's time for me to think of myself for just a few years.

And I can't do that anywhere NEAR leftists.

You people are utterly crazy AND predatory.

So good luck.
In World War One, the British took a French town from the Germans.

The British expected a hard fight, but the Germans had evacuated in one night.

They left behind an enigmatic message that I'm sure Donald John Trump would appreciate.
In beautiful bright blue letters five feet high, the Germans had written the following on a massive sign they'd erected in the center of the town.


Isn't that hauntingly poetic?

I think it's a commentary on the urge to destroy.
Maybe the British felt cheated out of a chance to kill.

Maybe they were angry that they'd missed another pointless slaughter.

I say to you, Democrats, the same thing that the Germans said to the British.

For the night of November 3, 2020:
Don't be angry; just be surprised.

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