⸻ similarities between Bagginshield and Peter/Wendy: a thread
*for this thread I am specifically referencing the iteration of Peter and Wendy from the 2003 film by P. J. Hogan*
⸻ acorn symbolism
In Peter Pan, Wendy carries with her an acorn that Peter gave to her (in fact it saves her life early on). It is a symbol of Peter's love for her, and this to me is arguably the exact same meaning the acorn has for Bilbo with Thorin's love.
⸻ Bilbo & Wendy
The parallels between Wendy and Bilbo drive me bonkers-they are both accustomed to a very comfortable life of simple pleasures, yet part of them yearns for adventure. They both end up falling in love with the brave fool who whisked them away, nearly dying for it.
⸻ Bilbo & Wendy (cont.)
Bilbo and Wendy are also both very underestimated-by both the person they have fallen in love with and by the others around them. They both have a fierce desire to prove themselves and go to great lengths to show how truly capable they are.
⸻ Thorin & Peter
Thorin and Peter are also extremely similar in my opinion-both are courageous and looking to reclaim their home (Erebor/Neverland) from an evil-a great rival (Smaug/Hook) they need the help of many others (the company of Thorin/the lost boys) to defeat.
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